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How's The Masterplan?

The PostCard Masterplan can be found here: http://zakou.livejournal.com/2808.html We are also on Tumblr: http://zakounenharma.tumblr.com/ Our Tumblr is being updated frequently with little tidbits. Keep an eye on it!

Update: The Masterplan unofficially got a different name: PP-DC (Postcard Project Darren Criss). Oh, just call it what you want xD




So it’s been 3 days since we posted our masterplan to surprise Darren Criss. And I’m so happy to see people willing to participate in our project =D Keep submitting lovelies! Mail to darrentoeurope@hotmail.com for submissions, questions or just to show your support! <33 We love every Darren Fan out there