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The masterplan

 So what’s the plan I talk about a few posts back?
A pretty photobook filled with cards from fans.

First I buy a pretty and empty photobook.

Then people from Europe, fans of Darren Criss, can send in postcards. It would be preferred if the card represents where one comes from, but it is not a must. On the back of the card you can write a message to Darren. Simple no?

I’ll make sure the book gets filled with the cards and that Darren will get it.

Secret message we want to send Darren is: Come perform in Europe! You have lots of fans here!

If there are enough fans from all over the world interested in this project, I am willing to make a-book-filled-with-postcards-from-all-over-the-world. So let me know if you are interested or if you have questions. You can just leave a reply or you can send a mail to darrentoeurope@hotmail.com

I promiss I won’t bite c;

To close this post and to get all of you to particpate in this crazy project: