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January 20th, 2011

So all this talk I've seen about....

□Single □Taken ☑ Forever waiting for Darren to visit your state or country

People from Europe, let me remind you that my friends and I are still trying to change that fact!

Let me give you a quick summary of the project to remind you what we are doing and ofcourse a quick update.


We're making a postcard book that we want to see filled up with cards from Darren fans. Cards that represent where you from. Preferably we want cards from fans from Europe. But if you're from somewhere else and want to support our goal, feel free to help us too!

People have been sending us cards already. Let me show you the last one we have gotten:

So all you, as Darren fan, have to do is to get a postcard and an envelope. Write a message to Darren on the back of the card. Put the card in the envelope. And mail to Darrentoeurope@hotmail.com to get the adress where you have to send the postcard in the envelope to.

My friends and I will collect them and put them in the book we have ready here. We are hoping that in June the book will be filled with postcards telling Darren Criss that he has fans all over the world and that he should do a europe or even a world wide tour!

So help now to fill the book and participate!

Have questions? Want to know more? Want to participate?

Mail to darrentoeurope@hotmail.com

Finally finished! The complete cast of Kurt in Warblerland! 

From left to right:

Kurt as Alice

Blaine as the White Rabbit

David as the Madhatter

Reed as the Dormouse

Shane as the little Bat

Wes as the MarchHare

Dwight as the White Knight

Han as the Caterpillar

Ethan and Evan as the Tweedles

Logan as the Knave

Justin as the White Queen

and Chaz as the Red Queen

I hope you enjoy this one! I did enjoy making it!


(If you want the line art so you can colour it yourself; I suggest you check my deviant: zakou.deviantart.com)

-off to watch Glee right now-

Alice in Warblerland Iconic Icons

You are free to use them as long as you give credit!