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Alice in Warblerland Iconic Icons

You are free to use them as long as you give credit!

Finally finished! The complete cast of Kurt in Warblerland! 

From left to right:

Kurt as Alice

Blaine as the White Rabbit

David as the Madhatter

Reed as the Dormouse

Shane as the little Bat

Wes as the MarchHare

Dwight as the White Knight

Han as the Caterpillar

Ethan and Evan as the Tweedles

Logan as the Knave

Justin as the White Queen

and Chaz as the Red Queen

I hope you enjoy this one! I did enjoy making it!


(If you want the line art so you can colour it yourself; I suggest you check my deviant: zakou.deviantart.com)

-off to watch Glee right now-

So all this talk I've seen about....

□Single □Taken ☑ Forever waiting for Darren to visit your state or country

People from Europe, let me remind you that my friends and I are still trying to change that fact!

Let me give you a quick summary of the project to remind you what we are doing and ofcourse a quick update.


We're making a postcard book that we want to see filled up with cards from Darren fans. Cards that represent where you from. Preferably we want cards from fans from Europe. But if you're from somewhere else and want to support our goal, feel free to help us too!

People have been sending us cards already. Let me show you the last one we have gotten:

So all you, as Darren fan, have to do is to get a postcard and an envelope. Write a message to Darren on the back of the card. Put the card in the envelope. And mail to Darrentoeurope@hotmail.com to get the adress where you have to send the postcard in the envelope to.

My friends and I will collect them and put them in the book we have ready here. We are hoping that in June the book will be filled with postcards telling Darren Criss that he has fans all over the world and that he should do a europe or even a world wide tour!

So help now to fill the book and participate!

Have questions? Want to know more? Want to participate?

Mail to darrentoeurope@hotmail.com

Alice in Warblerland

I think I'm just going to put it here and see what happens...

It's 2 am for me. I'm tired like hell, but I just had to post this before I go to bed.

And yes, I made it! >.<

I will touch a few things up this week and maybe even slap some colour on it, but for now it's yours to look at! ^_^


Link to what I'm talking about:


HEARTBROKEN Julie Andrews is to join the cast of hit TV show Glee just weeks after the death of her husband of 41 years, film director Blake Edwards.

The Oscar-winning star of Sixties classics Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music will appear early in the New Year as the grandmother of gay student Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer. Producers of Glee hope she will become a regular on the series.

Julie, 75, could be joined by her Princess Diaries co-star Anne Hathaway, 28, who has been offered the role of Kurt’s aunt.

Chris Colfer, 20, said: “This is all supposed to be strictly under wraps but it’s the talk of the entire set. I’m blown away.”

Julie agreed to her role before her husband – who directed the Pink Panther films and Breakfast At Tiffany’s – died of pneumonia on December 15, aged 88. A senior source at Fox Television in Los Angeles said: “We want to write her in as soon as she feels ready. We see her as a grandma who, perhaps, will deliver life lessons to wayward Kurt through wisdom and song.”

Source: http://www.dailyexpress.co.uk/posts/view/219370

My Dalton DreamCast

Dalton, you do not know it? Go read it now! It's a fanfiction based on Glee (/Klaine) and it's so big it has it's own fandom <33
Fall into Wablerland and be amazed by the White rabbit and the Tweedles! All your favourite characters will be there to welcome you.

But what if Dalton was real? A part of Glee? Or what if it even got it's own show?
Then this would be my cast:

Who are we seeing here?
Kurt -> Chris Colfer
David -> Titus Makin Jr
Logan -> Aaron Page
Wes -> Telly Leung
Blaine -> Darren Criss
Ethan -> James Phelps
Evan -> Oliver Phelps
Dwight -> It's a singer from the real-life Warblers, the Beelzebubs. Don't know his name though...
Reed -> Riker Lynch
Justin -> Sam Clark
Shane - Robert Sheehan

Let me know your opinions! Agree? Disagree? Got some one better for the role? I'm curious to your opinions!

How's The Masterplan?

The PostCard Masterplan can be found here: http://zakou.livejournal.com/2808.html We are also on Tumblr: http://zakounenharma.tumblr.com/ Our Tumblr is being updated frequently with little tidbits. Keep an eye on it!

Update: The Masterplan unofficially got a different name: PP-DC (Postcard Project Darren Criss). Oh, just call it what you want xD




So it’s been 3 days since we posted our masterplan to surprise Darren Criss. And I’m so happy to see people willing to participate in our project =D Keep submitting lovelies! Mail to darrentoeurope@hotmail.com for submissions, questions or just to show your support! <33 We love every Darren Fan out there

The Sing Off

An acapella sing show. Some might know it, some not.
I love it and I'm totally hooked on Street Corner Symphony from Season 2

Wow, those guys know how to use their vocals well!
A shame they didn't win.

But let us all enjoy their talent now:

Well, what do you think?

How I found the show?
Got to thank the Glee, Dalton Warblers for that.
The all men acapella group we see on Glee is based of one of the contestants of the first season:
The Tufts Beelzebubs
The Bubs provided the arrangement and vocals for an a cappella version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" on the "Never Been Kissed" episode of Glee and 'Hey, Soul Sister' on a later episode.

So you Glee fans look this group (and the Street Corner Symphony) up and enjoy!

The masterplan

 So what’s the plan I talk about a few posts back?
A pretty photobook filled with cards from fans.

First I buy a pretty and empty photobook.

Then people from Europe, fans of Darren Criss, can send in postcards. It would be preferred if the card represents where one comes from, but it is not a must. On the back of the card you can write a message to Darren. Simple no?

I’ll make sure the book gets filled with the cards and that Darren will get it.

Secret message we want to send Darren is: Come perform in Europe! You have lots of fans here!

If there are enough fans from all over the world interested in this project, I am willing to make a-book-filled-with-postcards-from-all-over-the-world. So let me know if you are interested or if you have questions. You can just leave a reply or you can send a mail to darrentoeurope@hotmail.com

I promiss I won’t bite c;

To close this post and to get all of you to particpate in this crazy project:

Result for today

 Me and my friends are playing with a little plan to surprise the amazing artist that is Darren Criss, but we would need quite a lot of fans to help us out!
So are you from Europe/the BeNeLux and you love the guy as much as we do? Send a mail to: darrentoeurope@hotmail.com to let us know you are interested in helping us out.

Right now we are busy working out the plan till it's pretty much failproof. Don't be shy! We welcome every helping hand we can get! <33